Baby throwing water out of cup

I don’t want your boobs and I cannot lie

So here we were, 2 months down and we had finally gotten into a groove. You could even say we were starting to develop a routine.

I’d finally worked out that you need to have your shower and get dressed before the husband leaves for work. That’s if you don’t want to still be in your pyjamas at 10. I no longer got pee all over my hands and clothes as I scrambled to contain the fire hydrant while changing nappies. And I was winning on the breastfeeding front. My boobs no longer felt like they were being attacked by razor blades (yep they still hurt second time round at the start).

Spilt milk

Just when I felt like my mum of 2 under 5 routine was going alright, the kid decided to stop wanting to breastfeed. No big deal.. we’ve only just slaved away at this for the last 2 months including expressing after every feed when he was premature.

So there we were… trying every feed anyway. You crying, me thinking WTF, us both getting frustrated. This never happened with my daughter so I had no idea what was going on.

We gave in to the formula, and I once again became best friends with the pump. Luckily, the night feeds still worked a treat. I also noticed if he wasn’t too tired he would feed for a little bit in the day. BUT my steriliser went into full time work anyway, and we went through a glorious few days of vomiting and gas until we found the right formula too.


Finally, after almost 2 weeks, we are back to normal. I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened or why he decided he no longer liked my milkshake flavour. Speaking to a few friends, they said they went through it too. Some persevered, others dropped the breastfeeding earlier than they wanted to. Either way, food is being consumed and that’s number 1. Keeps us guessing, right?