toddler looking outside from sliding door

Where did the 12 months go?

Time runs away the older we get
But where did the 12 months go
You’re walking and talking, be it blah
It’s a year since we first said hello

You’re no longer a baby, but a little man
Who’s always saving a smile
And just when I need you to sit or stand still
You’re choosing to run a mile

You love being outside, on the swing, in the sand
Or in water to splash and get wet
You live in the moment, and savour it all
Something I hope you will never forget

Your motto “feet first!”, couldn’t be truer
A bruiser who always jumps in
But sometimes you’ll show your affectionate side
With a cuddle and kiss on the chin

My little destructor, so full of beans
You’ve changed me again, it’s true
Life is no longer at all about me
It’s all for your sister and you

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