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Isolation nation

It’s been pretty much 2 months since the isolation/lockdown life began for everyone. I however feel like I’ve partly been in isolation for the last 8 months. It’s a weird feeling, and a lot of the time I feel guilty for feeling this way as well.

Out of sight, out of mind

I didn’t really feel like this first time around as I only had 3 months off, and work was great at keeping in touch throughout the period as well. However, having extended time off has been both a blessing and a curse.

I’m so grateful to have this time with my two kids, and be able to spend every waking moment as the three musketeers. For an extrovert though that enjoys their job, some days are truly gruelling.

No invite to work events, no check in from the bosses.. all communication to this date has been initiated by yours truly. I do have some beautiful colleagues who I chat to regularly, but overall I say “Thank gosh I kept my work laptop, otherwise without the emails it would feel like I’m unemployed.”

No ticket, no entry

Being a parent to young kids also forfeits a lot of social interaction. A complete slap in the face to me first time round. After a while you get used to it though. How many times can you decline a Friday night bevvy or dinner and drinks on a school night before you drop off the invite list? It’s no one’s fault, but again having less contact with people you used to can make isolation even worse.

In saying that, your friendships change and this is a normal part of life. Other people are in different stages, so it’s only normal to see less of those still partying and start seeing more of those married and parent friends who live similar routines.

Somewhere over the isolation rainbow

There is a pot of gold waiting for me with the quality friends and family in my life.. and I want to stress this. My sister from another mister and I practically video chat every week day, and we regularly see our parents so the kids can spend time with them too. I haven’t yet made myself an imaginary friend (probably won’t need to considering I get forced to play Harry Potter each day with my 4 year old), and we are slowly having playdates and coffees with our friends once more.

It’s been a very strange time with all the bushfire and COVID-19 drama, but each day I try to focus on the positives. No doubt, I’ll go back to work and then talk about how much I miss being with the kids at home.

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