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Expensive.. but think of it as an investment

These cute, cuddly, little balls of love we call babies really do add a lot of meaning to our lives. On the other hand, they can be very expensive.

Apparently they cost up to $10,000 in the first year, and close to $300,000 until they are 17.

Exxy worth the cash

Certain baby items with expensive price tags can probably be gone without. In saying this, some products I have come across definitely made the first year much easier! I totally missed the memo on second hand items though.

If you’re short on cash and aren’t looking for mattresses and things which are better new, try Gumtree and other online marketplaces. You can often grab a bargain from a mum who is cleaning out her house. And sometimes the items haven’t even been used.

Baby swing or bouncer

Oh how I wish I bought one of these before 3 months in with my firstborn. No more peeing, cooking, and trying to have a shower while your baby either screams or you practice becoming a one handed expert.

One the upper scale, there are crazy good swings that have lullabies, rocking, vibrating functions (you name it) to keep them entertained.

For a more portable option though, for the same price as a takeaway burger you can get yourself one of these beauties from Kmart. Hello free hands!

Poo catcher

The best $40 you’ll ever spend on some plastic by buying a twist and click nappy bin. No more running out to the rubbish bin so your house doesn’t smell like a zoo. Word of warning though, the refills are expensive.

Portable baby seat

One to use once your baby can support their head well enough. It’s great as a booster seat, high chair for feeding and just a nice little spot to put your little one when you need to get something done. Very easy to clean too as you can take the insert out in a flash.

Co-sleeper baby bassinet

I was silly enough to spend over $1200 on the cot I bought as it converted all the way from a bassinet to a single bed. Problem being, it was all fixed together, the cot side doesn’t come down, and getting up and walking even a few metres when you are already sleep deprived…torture.

Enter my solution for at least 6 months, maybe even 9 (we’ll see). I found this awesome co-sleeper that can be wheeled around, have the side down and attach to your bed with straps, can be used as a rocker, and packs up quite small to take as a portacot as well.

It even came with a carry bag and mosquito net. Needless to say you can tell I’m totally in love with it. The best part? It’s way bigger than a regular bassinet as I use my normal cot sheets on it.

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